Our tradition advises us to "Let your house be a meeting place for the sages, cleave to the dust of their feet, and drink thirstily their words." Dan, Ellen, Josh and Rosalie watered our souls with beautiful wisdom, harmony and warmth and helped my community learn to appreciate the beauty and intimacy of just being together as Shabbat departs. I recommend them wholeheartedly!

Cantor Josh Breitzer, Congregation Beth Elohim, Brooklyn, NY

A warm, mellow evening, filled with music, new and old friends, and a perfect end to Shabbat. Not a dry eye in the house during Havdallah.  We should do this again and often. In fact, after everyone left my son Max dropped to his knee in the middle of the kitchen floor and proposed to his (now) finance. Ring and all!  Doesn't get better than that!

Barbara Grossman – Home host for in-house Havdalah program

The weekend was filled with a spiritual energy that we loved.  It was a true treat to have such accomplished artists and spiritual leaders lead Friday Night Service, especially since you could feel the connection that these friends had while singing on the bimah.  On Sunday, the pace changed from deep spiritual energy to an absolute joyous sing-a-long where everyone in the room participated: children, teachers, and the clergy.  We enjoyed it so much that after the Sunday brouhaha our family continued to listen to those songs which have become part of our music collection.  Every time we listen to one of those songs, we remember the special time that we spent together and the message each song delivered.

Mitchell, Juli, Ashley and Dylan Klein - Woodlands Community Temple